Increase the Integrity of Your Property with a Waterproof Wall Covering


The idea of adding a wall covering that is waterproof is obviously to keep moisture out. This type of coating is necessary if you want to avoid problems with damp and stop mould and mildew growth. Plus, this type of exterior coating adds to the appearance of your home. Coatings today are made to be UV fade-resistant and come in several colours to complement a décor.

A wall coating can protect your home against the sun as well as water and wind. In turn, your house can stand up better to the effects of salt spray, acid rain, and smog. Using this type of protectant guarantees that your home will be weather-protected and will keep its colour for several years.

Some of the Benefits

When a waterproof wall covering in Scotland is applied, the wall is first cleaned and any damages are fixed. After the application, your exterior wall is not only drier, it features increased thermal resistance too. The covering also prevents damage from frost and stymies spore growth.

That is because the walls are permitted to breathe, which enhances thermal conduction and insulation. Because only a small amount of moisture can lower a wall’s thermal resistance, it is important to have your home’s exterior treated with this coating.

Apply a Roof Coating

Besides waterproofing your exterior wall, you may also want to coat your roof at the same time. Roof coatings are an economical option to having your home re-roofed. Not only do coatings improve the looks of a roof, they wick away moisture. The coating breathes but prevents wind or water from penetrating the membrane. When a roof coating is used, heat is retained in the winter and a home is cooler in the summer. Therefore, energy consumption is reduced.

You need extra protection for your wall or roof if you want to avert any problems with moisture. Because the Scottish climate is unpredictable, it pays to research the coatings that will prevent problems with damp and keep the framework of your home secure.

If you choose to cover both your outside walls and roof, you not only will preserve your house’s framework, you will also increase its kerb appeal. That is why many homeowners in Scotland are choosing roof coatings and wall coverings to safeguard their properties.

If you do choose to take the step to have your home protected in this way, select a company that provides both roof coating and wall covering services. That way, you can go to one source to enhance and protect your home. Make sure that the company is established and that you understand each process before it begins.

In either case, your wall or roof will be appropriately cleaned, and any maintenance or restoration will be performed before the covering is applied.

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