How to Keep Your Carpets Clean


Keeping your carpets clean and tidy can prove to be quite difficult, especially if you do not clean your house regularly. Carpets tend to trap dust in between the fibres so it’s very difficult to clean them all by yourself. Despite the fact that there are a number of different carpet cleaning products available in the market, many of these are actually quite abrasive and can cause irreparable damage to your carpets. Here are a few things that you should know about keeping your carpets clean.

Tips for Cleaning

  • As a rule of thumb, you should avoid drinking liquids near the carpets since there’s always a risk of spillage.
  • Never rub on the stain with a piece of cloth; instead, use a clean white rag to blot out the stain.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners that are laden with chemical compounds and other harmful ingredients that can cause damage to the carpets.

Professional Cleaning

At least once a year, you should send your carpets to professional Ashford carpet cleaners for a thorough cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning companies use sophisticated materials and techniques for cleaning the carpets. Over time, bacteria might start to fester in the carpets so it’s important that you send them to a dry cleaner for thorough cleaning.

Maintaining the carpets is going to be slightly taxing on the pocket but many people are happy to do it because of the elegance and class that carpets provide. These are some of the basics that you should know about keeping your carpets clean.

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