How to Consider the Environment With Your Landscaping Choices


These days there is a lot of emphasis on “going green” with regard to landscaping. Another term for landscaping in an environmentally friendly way is eco landscaping. Is it possible to be successful at landscaping and help the environment at the same time? Most certainly! There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful lawn using eco-friendly ideas.

Green landscaping really just means creating a beautiful lawn saving time, money, and resources. When you “go green” in landscaping you are actually using your lawn or garden itself to promote a healthy environment by reducing the carbon footprint. Green landscapes reduce pollution of the soil, water, and air without sacrificing their beauty.

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  • Avoid Aggressive Species

Local experts can tell you what plants to watch for. Those that are invasive may quickly spread throughout your yard or garden, destroying other plant life. These same invasive species can also spread to other yards or gardens. These species may even be illegal because of the harm they cause to surrounding plants. It is much more beneficial and ultimately healthier for your landscaping, to import local plants that are native to the region in which you live.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Always opt for materials that can be reused or recycled. When deciding whether to use rocks for decoration or concrete for paving your driveway, it is more eco-friendly to go with permeable materials. This allows water to absorb into the ground instead of flowing into sewers and possibly carrying objects that can create clogs in drains and storm sewers. Also, reuse materials before deciding to buy new ones. They can be just as beautiful and you will be conserving the earth’s resources.

  • Use an Automatic Sprinkler System

Irrigation is an indispensable part of having an attractive and healthy lawn or garden. Although you cannot avoid the need for water completely, you can water more efficiently. To ensure that you are watering evenly and not overdoing it in some areas while depriving others, install an automatic sprinkler system. You can set the best times to water as well as how it is distributed throughout your greenery.

  • Use Mulch

Mulch is one of the most environmentally friendly tools in your green landscaping toolbox. You can cover your pathways as well as the area around your shrubs with it to discourage weeds and to keep root systems cool.

Mulch can be made from natural materials in and around your home. Bark, wood trimmings, leaves, and even coconut fibres can make for some excellent mulch. It decomposes to nurture the soil saving you time and money for lawn maintenance.

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