How do commercial and residential painters/decorators differ


Is there a difference between commercial painters and residential decorators? Or is it just marketing tricks in order to attract potential clients? Let’s try to ascertain it.

What are the specifics of residential decorators’ work? They work in private residences such as houses and apartments. Residential decorators pay more attention to human interaction. They often organize meeting and talks with their clients. During these meetings they can discuss any finer details and precise all aspects, which are concerned a wall and home paintings, exterior paint and price to paint a house of it.

Interior and exterior painting of residences can surprise and delight friends, amaze envious people and tell a lot about the taste of the host. The aim of the residential decorator is to create such space in which the client will be comfortable and free. There are no universal rules, everything must be approached individually and creatively. However, there are some principles are for classic and luxurious interiors, realistic canvases in large frames always remain relevant, and modern style does not like restrictions and makes it possible to combine all possible directions.

Commercial decorators are usually hired by businesses to paint commercial premises such as offices, warehouses, labs, research units, educational establishments, galleries, banks, even schools and hospitals. Their work does not usually involve much risk. They also work with ladders and steps.

Materials which are used by commercial decorator is similar to those used for residential clients. It may be more advanced where extra protection is needed. Local painting contractors use an office paint usually. And also they can utilize a pro paint for painting the outside of your house. Commercial decorator is responsible for the final image and the atmosphere of the interior. He is interested in the aesthetic value of the interior and its holistic perception.

In order to accelerate the process of work, commercial decorator can hire commercial painting contractors, with whom he could also cooperate in his past projects. These may be floor painting contractors and tank painting contractors.

To get started, you need to understand which one of the decorators you need. If you are planning a change in the interior design of your home, apartment painting or any residences, then a residential decorator is the best choice for you. But if you need help in choosing a style and finishing materials for the commercial decorative painting, then you need an commercial decorator.

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