Hiring The Right Plumber


There are many things to must keep in mind when it comes to hiring the right plumber. If you live in a place like Orange County, then one of things that you can depend on a number of choices as far as plumbing services go. Finding the right Orange County Plumber can therefore be done by keeping a few important aspects in mind.

Tapping into multiple sources of information

It is imperative to tap into as many sources of information as you can. Such sources of information will include:

  • The Internet,
  • Websites of plumbers and plumbing companies,
  • Referrals from friends, contractors and so on and
  • Local News or bulletin boards as well.

Services of an Orange County plumber

Depending on the plumbing company or plumber that you employ, you can look for a vast range of services that include:

  • Leak detection,
  • Drain cleaning,
  • Repair or replacement of water heaters and
  • Restoration of services after a natural disaster.

Of course, a lot would depend on the kind of services that you seek from a plumber. For instance, you may be looking for a plumber to help you with water damage restoration. It would then be a good idea to look through the website of the plumber to find out if they have expertise in this particular area.

Getting multiple quotes

It is also an extremely good idea to get multiple bids or quotes for one particular job. But, when you compare these multiple price quotes, it is an extremely good idea to keep in mind that some companies may be pricing their services higher because they assure you of the quality of the same. So, it will certainly be a good idea for you to get into details when it comes to the components of a price quote.

The ‘official’ documents

A certified Orange County Plumber will also have official documentation. Such documentation will include:

  • State licenses,
  • Insurance,
  • Workmen’s compensation and even
  • Affiliation to professional trade associations.

It is also important for you to find a plumber who is aware of various building codes that come into play in Orange County. On the products side, it is important for you to ensure that the plumber uses certified products. Such products could come with approval stamps from government agencies or other professional trade bodies.

Guarantees and warranties

Quite a few plumbers also offer guarantees on the products and services. This simply means that you can get your money back in case their workmanship has not been up to the mark. Of course, this aspect of work may be covered under a contract. So, it would be a good idea for you to read through the contract very carefully as well.

Customization of services

Finally, when hiring an Orange County Plumber, it is also important for you to ensure that they have specific or specialized services when it comes to your requirements. The type of plumbing fixtures in your home or property may not be the same as in somebody else’s home or property. Therefore, it is extremely important for the plumber to take this into account when giving you a price quote or drawing up a plan of work.

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