Great Tips for Removing That Unsightly Scratch on Your Floor


Do you currently have gorgeous wood floors in your home that are becoming unsightly because of scratches? This a common complaint of homeowners; luckily, there are a few things that you can do to try to get the scratches out. If you’d like to learn how to get those nasty scratches out of your floors, keep reading to learn some great tips to get you started.

Blend it in

If you have a small scratch on your floor, you can attempt to blend it into the rest of your floor using a blending pencil. Head to your local hardware store and let them know what you’re looking for. Just remember to find a colour that matches your floor.

For Large Marks

It’s a sad fact that beautiful wood floors can sometimes get large gouges in them. Follow these simple steps to repair your wood floor if it has a large scratch on it:

  • Purchase coloured putty that matches the floor and put it into the hole you’re trying to repair.
  • Smooth the putty out and polish the spot using a clean rag.
  • Put on a new coat of finish to make sure that it blends in nicely.

If this doesn’t work, then look for a company that offers local scratch repair in Plymouth to help you out!

If you’re struggling with frustration because your wood floor has scratches all over it, follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a floor that looks as good as new.

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