Five interior design tips and tricks that you can easily use at your home


Regardless if you have just moved or you are looking for a quick way to enhance your home’s interior design or something more significant, there are some very useful tips and tricks you can do that will make you like an expert in interior designing that you can employ at your home with cheaper cost and minimal efforts.

There are times that even the smallest things create the biggest impact that is why you have to channel the creativeness in you, so take a look at these very clever interior designing tips that can inspire you to enhance your home according to the best retail & hospitality interior design.

  1. Use light colored-paints in smaller rooms to make it look bigger– Your living room is one great example of how you can maximize small living space in your home. A room of the size of a living room has the tendency to be cramped up, however, if you have bigger windows, light-colored wall painting and some mirrors hanging on the wall, you can create an illusion that makes it feel bigger and also you can attract more natural light pouring in from the windows.
  2. Use well-designed mirrors to add more natural light– Mirrors are great to make smaller space appear larger. For bigger rooms or any room that has a limited amount of natural light, mirrors can be placed directly across from where your windows are located that will add instant natural light from the outside. Mirrors that are decorative are a plus knowing that it can be used in lieu of art that can fill an empty wall a virtual space regardless if the mirror is small or large, it adds more dimension inside your home.
  3. Mix old and new furniture pieces and accessories– By incorporating this kind of interior designing, you are able to mix up patterns and textures that you would not imagine could blend in beautifully inside your home. Regardless if it is cheap or an expensive furniture piece or accessory, or a family heirloom, you can mix it up with your modern furniture pieces and accessories that will create a fusion of unique, but very appealing interior decoration. This will also turn into an important aspect as it reflects who you are and what your personality and what your style is in terms of decorating your home.
  4. Use covers to add more comfort to your furniture pieces– You can slip some covers more frequent as it serves as a means of adding change to your furniture’s look and also it can be used to change the color and theme of the cover depending on the season. These can easily eliminate the coverings that allow you to achieve a new sophisticated look with no worries at all especially if you have guests or pets that can stain your couch or chairs. Slipcovers are great for rooms that are frequently used by people in your home.
  5. Try using wicker baskets– For interior designers, wicker baskets are elegant accessories and can also add storage in any kind of rooms in your home. Baskets can be used as a decoration and can also be used to store different things like books, magazines, decorations, toys, blankets, and a lot of stuff. You can place some wicker baskets on your counter-top in your kitchen, or one at the center of your dining table where you can display fresh fruits.
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