Five Important Points to Consider When Hiring Roofers


Finding a reliable roofing contractor that can install, fix or replace a roof to the utmost perfection is a confusing and challenging endeavor for many homeowners. Every city and town boasts of various competing roofing companies that offer varying quotes on their services, and making a clear-cut decision requires some sort of prior research. Roofing installations and repairs are better left to professional roofers with adequate experience in this field.

Before hiring a roofing company, homeowners are advised to carefully examine the roofer’s base of operation, licensing, warranty policies and reputation. The contractor must also have a great track record for executing unparalleled services that are aligned with the structure and design of any given building. In this write-up, we cover the five important points to consider when hiring roofers.

Proper Licensing & Insurance

It is important to hire a licensed and insured roofer who is ready and willing to provide the certificates for validation. Often, roofing contractors who can provide a copy of their licensing and insurance certificates are legit, and their roofing installation, replacement or repair procedures comply with local building codes. Also, contractors who are insured have a form of security coverage for their employees in the event an injury happens at your project.

You can get the licensing and insurance information either by calling the insurance carrier directly and making inquiries or by checking on their website. A professional and dependable roofing contractor should not find it difficult to fetch you their license number upon request. Begin your hunt with license and insurance verification before moving on to the next step.

Compare Quotes

After verifying the licensing and insurance info, pick the best three commercial roofing companies and compare their pricing figures. Of course, no one wants to spend a whole fortune on roofing services, but based on your budget, you will be able to use this info to determine the best deal on roofing. We recommend opting for quotes that seem most reasonable – but not those that seem too good to be true.

Make sure the company is able to provide a quote that falls within an acceptable range, neither too cheap nor too expensive. You can use several online resources to determine approximate quotes applicable to the cost of a particular job per square foot. Note that some figures tend to omit various track-on charges that are generally applicable on most roofing projects.


Experience is perhaps the most significant factor to consider when hiring roofers. Folleys Roofer in Essex has over 3 decades of experience in providing quality roofing services for many satisfied homeowners in Essex, Kent London and surrounding environs. Such a professional roofer has a clear portfolio and insurance certificates indicating the specific number of years they have been in business.

Roofing contractors with at least 5 years of experience are considered the best to be hired. Experienced roofers put their employees’ safety first, because they understand that safety is a crucial component of the trade. A credible roofing contractor employs the appropriate safety protocols to insure or cushion its workers in the event an accident occurs while on the job.

Check Real Customer Reviews Online

Checking the local online reviews is an even easier way to determine the best roofing contractor in your locality and beyond. The best roofers are those with the highest number of 5-star ratings and glowing reviews from real customers who have hired the company’s services. With online reviews, it is easy to identify the most courteous, professional and reliable roofers.

Moreover, online reviews may also indicate other company info such as their best prices, working timeframes and warranties. You may also find the firm’s prior roofing work, including photos of their previous roofing work. This info helps you pinpoint reputable contractors that line up the best styles that are suitable for your structure, height and design of your building.


Communication is paramount when it comes to finding or hiring the best roofers out there. A reliable company will be able to return your calls, submit all the necessary documentation, and follow through. In case there is a communication gap between the company and customer, odds are that things might get awry along the way.

Walk away from companies which take ages to respond, give unclear answers, or have bad customer service. Delay in action indicates that the roofer is not worth for anything. Roofing contractors with bad communication and attitude are likely to incur the customer with a big loss.


By following these vital steps and taking any other necessary measures before hiring a roofing contractor, the process will be as smooth and painless as possible. A reliable roofer with a good track record and outstanding references performs high quality work. And this also offers you the peace of mind right from project inception through to conclusion.

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