Early Signs You May Need a Roof Replacement


It’s difficult to know exactly when you need to replace your roof simply because it isn’t something that you climb up to check on a daily basis. With everything else that goes on in your life, it’s fairly easy to forget about roof maintenance. However, neglecting to replace your roof when there is need can cause even greater problems.

To check for early signs of needed repairs, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof at least twice a year. Investigating damages early on can save you a lot of unnecessary money and complications in the long run as well as prevent your family from encountering potentially dangerous situations.

Here are some early signs that you may need to find roofers in PO21.

Water Damage

Even the smallest signs of water marks, mildew, moss, or mould can mean that water is seeping in through your roof or that your roof already has a crack or a hole.

Signs of Light

Check your upper rooms or attic area with the lights off. Any light peeking in from the outside means that you have holes and cracks that need to be inspected.

Loose Tiles

During your annual check, see if any tiles are loose. You can do this by stepping on them and noticing if they are wobbly.

Some other telltale signs that you may need your roof repaired or replaced are sagging, damaged flashing, heavy gutter debris, broken gutters, attic leaks, an aging roof, falling mortar, rotting underlay, and ridges. If you’re not sure how to recognise some of these, it’s important to consult a roofing specialist.

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