Creating a Modern Bathroom


Pick a Simple Color Scheme

For a modern look it is best to pick a clean and simple colour scheme with pale colors such as creams, whites or greys. These colors work really well on their own but if you want to inject a little more colour then add in a muted colour (such as a dark blue) on an accent wall; bear in mind that too much colour will prevent the bathroom looking modern.

Use a Modern Storage Solution

Modern bathrooms should be clean and simple so it is a good idea to invest in a practical storage solution so you can de-clutter and make you bathroom look as minimalistic as possible. It is worth bearing in mind that contemporary designs don’t work well with a lot of storage units, so it is therefore important not to have too much furniture in a modern bathroom as this can lead to the room looking too busy.

Choose a Modern Bath Or Shower

A simple freestanding baths with round edges can work really well in a modern bathroom as a focal point. These baths have become hugely popular because they combine style and comfort with a traditional bath design. If you opt for a shower, glass shower doors and dividers tend to look much more modern than shower curtains.

Choose a Modern Toilet

Choosing the right toilet design is important in creating a modern bathroom. Wall hung toilets and back to wall toilets have become very popular in contemporary bathrooms as they to portray a minimalist look by freeing up floor space.

Choose a Modern Wash Basin

Modern wash basins can be purchased in a range of eye-catching designs and can be wall hung for a more minimalist look. There are also contemporary vessel designs available which sit above the counter surface or can be incorporated into a modern vanity unit.

Choose Modern Furniture

Simple bathroom furniture, such as vanity units can help to create a modern bathroom. Modern bathroom furniture comes in a range of sizes, shapes, colors and materials. For an ultra contemporary look, consider a vanity basin.

Choose Modern Taps

No modern wash basin or bath is complete without a set of contemporary taps. The type and style of taps chosen can really influence the overall appearance of your bathroom furniture. For an ultra modern look choose sleek taps with sharp angles. To create a luxurious feel and look opt for contemporary waterfall taps. These open spout styles look modern and when turned on, create a rushing water sound like a waterfall (hence the name). To see a good selection of modern taps, visit the Tap Warehouse.
It can be hard keeping up with all the modern bathroom trends. It is a good idea to do your research, listen to advice from professionals and you will soon have the perfect modern bathroom.

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