Corelle Dishes – All You Need to Know


For most people investing in dinnerware is done for special occasions only, wherein you will be inviting and hosting friends and family for a special event that requires proper celebration. Come to think of it, you could be making the most special recipes and using the best of kitchen appliances that are there, but honestly, if you are not serving it on equally special serve ware then the entire impact is lost. Now considering the fact that your serve ware is not something you use for storage and put aside like your spice boxes which might not even have to see the light of day when you are hosting an event — your dinnerware is a whole different story altogether! How you plate and present your final dish has much significance really.

Corelle presents a compelling case when you think about all this. Among the sea of options that are available in the market today, wherein you will truly be spoilt for choices in design and quality you do have a lot of options to choose from. When it comes to Corelle — the assurance of durability and cost-effectiveness is something that really sets it apart. You can couple in the factors like if it is microwave or oven safe and whether it is scratch proof as criteria and you will find that Corelle ends up exceeding and superseding all of those.

Now talking about the classic dinnerware and let us be clear it is also one of the longest functioning ones in the market — Corelle is made out of top-grade materials and technically advanced procedures that give it, its distinctly premium look and feel. The first batched of the crockery were produced in the 70s and since then it has enjoyed the status of one of the most manufactures brands out there for dinnerware. A lot of its popularity rests on the fact that when it was first introduced manufacturers offered replacements for any broken, chipped or cracked dinnerware within the first 2 years of it being purchased — what was even better was that you didn’t even have to show a proof of sales to claim this novel replacement policy. This is what really catapulted it into marketing success so much so that even forty years later Corelle continues to enjoy much success and you will find their dinnerware being used all across the globe.

Even when people think about taking out their nice dinnerware for special occasions only the longevity and durability of Corelle serveware means that people end up using it for regular dinner purpose in households as well. Many of the older generations today will still have fond memories of the Corning Ware with used to be a staple in every household and still has strong associations with the thought of Grandma’s baking attached to it. The distinct patterns of the blue flowers made on it was thought to be lost when the range was continued but recently Corelle has brought back the CorningWare in what can only be called a vintage revival and those beautiful blue flowers can be seen in the range.

Something that everyone can agree on is the fact that Corelle was designed in a manner that could help in having the maximum impact possible in the sphere of gastronomy and social entertaining. There are a number of distinct patterns that will never go out of style and you will find a use for them for a really long while. Ranging from elegant to modern, to cosy to chic — every design can be bought in a singular manner or as a set which makes it so much more convenient to replace in the event of a mishap.

Though made with a sturdy material and occasional mishap is something that you can not really avoid so even for such scenarios Corelle comes through and gives you the best of solutions. With an affordable price tag — attractive designs — durability and resilience — Corelle has certainly maintained its dominance in the market for a good reason. Whenever and wherever you go out shopping for dinnerware — you will most certainly come across varied Corelle designs and if your heart wants to hoard on to some — it’s worth it!

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