Choosing an Interior Design Wholesaler


If you’re a contractor or property developer, you’ve perhaps wondered how to go about choosing an interior design wholesaler.

Maybe you’ve seen some advertisements in trade brochures or heard about a certain wholesaler? But how do you know how to choose an interior design wholesaler, or what to look for?

Here are five criteria to help when choosing an interior design wholesaler a breeze.

Online Ordering

Everyone’s so busy these days, aren’t they? Who has the time to break off their already busy day to go to visit an interior design wholesaler? Who can spare the cost of travelling to a wholesaler that may not be close by?

This is why, when choosing an interior design wholesaler, convenience matters. By using an online interior design wholesaler such as, you can shop, order and arrange delivery easily and quickly – without moving anywhere or losing time.


How frustrating is it to see something you’d like, and then be frustrated by long delivery times – or excessive delivery charges?

Look for an interior design wholesaler that offers fast delivery, and as an added bonus, if they offer free delivery also. It’s also worth noting if their stocks are UK-based, as some wholesalers order in from Europe or worldwide, which adds to your delivery time.

Low Minimum Order

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to choosing an interior design wholesaler, so it’s a massive help if there’s a low minimum order.

For example, if you’re a property developer looking for new lights for your properties, knowing that you only to spend a few pounds is preferable to hundreds or thousands.

Range of products

What’s the point in choosing an interior design wholesaler with a limited range? It’s fine having all the other criteria such as online ordered and free shipping, but if you can’t find what you need then it’s pretty pointless.

A good interior design wholesaler should have a range of hundreds, or even thousands of products, such as :-

  • bedding
  • curtains
  • blinds
  • dining – napkins, coasters, placemats, tablecloths etc.
  • cushions
  • bathroom soft furnishings – bathmats, laundry baskets etc.


Look for an interior design wholesaler who already services many happy customers across a range of industries, such as Hotels, caravan parks, rentals, student accommodations, offices and holiday homes.

Ideally, a good interior design wholesaler will have a reputation that precedes itself, that’s been earned over decades of industry experience. Elements of this success would include a strong warehouse team and a high daily rate of shipping.

Conclusion: choosing an interior design wholesaler should be easy

Now that you know the five key criteria to choosing an interior design wholesaler, you can make your choice with confidence.

Take your time and assess the wholesaler on experience, range, ordering, online ordering and shipping, and you won’t go far wrong. Shopping for soft furnishings has never been so easy!

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