Best Tips for Garden Mole Removal in Altrincham


There is no mistaking when moles have invaded your garden and lawn. Although there is a small chance that you can see one above ground, the ruts and hills these moles leave in their burrowing can spoil or devastate people’s landscaping.

Beyond the mess of new mounds all over the lawn, their tunneling can separate soil from the roots, killing the vegetation in the area, and most importantly, killing the grass in your yard. If you have been doing some research on the topic of how to get rid of garden moles, then there is a big chance that you have come across a lot of reports about this topic, each saying that this or that method is the best solution to the problem.

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It might be worth trying some of these recommendations, but a lot of experts agree that trapping them are still the only reliable way of stopping these destructive and annoying creatures. First things first, the bad news. If you are hoping that there would be a way to get rid of these creatures without getting your hands dirty, it is time to either call a professional help or modify your expectations (experts highly recommends to hire a professional to make sure that the job is done the right way).

Trapping these creatures is not only a very labor-intensive job, but it is also going to bring homeowners up close and personal with these creatures. If you are squeamish about these animals, your best bet is to ask the help of an expert and experienced professionals in your area. If you are used to dealing with these types of animals, or if the damage they caused has driven you to the point of frustration, then, you are ready to stretch your muscles and get to work.

Homeowners have two options: They can try to catch these pesky animals in the act or set out traps. Catching these animals are more humane because it does not require homeowners to kill them. Setting up traps is more likely to produce positive results, but the animal may die inside it.

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Option #1: Less effective, but more humane

Here is the wisdom on how to catch these animals and to keep them alive. It turns out that things have not changed much. The first thing homeowners need to do is to use the back of the shovel to pat and flatten out any molehills in the lawn or back garden.

Then, look for a vantage point in the vicinity to assess the lot or area that was shoveled over. If the mole catches your scent or sends vibrations in the ground with your footsteps, there is a small chance that moles will show themselves. Homeowners need to wait patiently and be very still as they can be until they see a disturbance in the area caused by the mole returning to repair their hill that the homeowners have covered. Use two shovels by sticking it to the ground to where you saw the ground move.

These animals should be trapped in the small sections of their tunnel between the two shovels stuck into the ground. Now that you have isolated the creature dig them out of their tunnel, transfer them to a plastic container or cardboard box, and take them to a vacant lot far away from your property. Repeat this process until you have relocated all the moles.

Option #2: Less humane, but pretty effective

Professionals like garden mole removal in Altrincham uses deadly traps when dealing with this creature, so should you if you want to catch them by yourself. Buy mole traps on the Internet or at your local garden and home depots. Homeowners who are weary about these animals,report success using spring-loaded snares that you can buy on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, or your nearest garden or home depot.

Place the trap directly into their tunnel, making sure that the tunnel is active. If you are not sure about the tunnel’s status, cover the nearest molehill. Wait at least one day, and if the hill has been uncovered, that is a clear indication that the tunnel is active. Once the traps are set up, check them from time to time. Also, homeowners need to remember that catching these creatures does not mean the problem is solved.

You will need to set traps again and again, because other moles may decide to occupy the vacant tunnel. Indeed, some moles may need to be trapped before the holes and tunnels go dormant. And lastly, you need to know that it may be illegal in your city or state to set up traps and kill these pesky animals. Make sure to check with the local authorities.

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