Area Rugs With Decorative Themes


A decorative rug that is smaller than a room’s size is one of the most versatile decorating items you can have in your home. It’s a colorful accent, serves as an anchoring element for a furniture grouping that sets it apart, and also provides texture for your room. Some people can’t have carpet because they have pets or allergies and area rugs are perfect for them. Area rugs range from inexpensive woven rugs of sea grass and other natural fibers to pricey Persians. Using an area rug to further the decorating scheme of a room, I anchor a contemporary sofa, chairs and coffee table with a patterned rug of bold colors and shapes, use a rag rug in a country kitchen, and a rug with cars and trucks for a little boy’s room.

Area rugs with decorative themes are becoming popular. There is collection rugs called Gee’s Bend by Kathy Ireland made from reproduction African-American country quilts, and a collection of Frank Lloyd Wright rugs for Craftsman-style homes. You have a decorative theme? Check rug stores and surf the Internet to find hundreds of area rugs to match it.

Cleaning area rugs is not hard. Some area rugs are small enough and washable that for carpet cleaning they can be tossed right into the washing machine and dryer. Others have to be professionally cleaned by carpet cleaners. Look at the label before you buy to learn if you area rug needs professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuum the rug to keep it free from dust and grit that can damage the fibers. if the rug is used on a tile or wood surface and slides around, put some special tape or a rubber waffle pad under it to prevent slipping.

If your area rug is especially valuable, such as a rug passed down in the family or an expensive or rare Persian area rug, be sure to consult a professional carpet cleaners so you don’t ruin the rug with the wrong cleaner. First try the cleaner on a small patch or corner of the rug or the back. If the carpet cleaner should bleach or damage the rug, the spot will will not be noticed. If the cleaner works properly, you can proceed with the rest of the rug.

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