Aiming for Roof & Gutter Cleaning & Window Cleaning


It’s everyone’s dream to have a spotlessly clean home both on the inside and the outside. Roof cleaning specialists at  cleaned with care ltd will not only clean the most visible places in a home but will put similar efforts to the roof  the gutters and the windows. A home may be cleaned on a daily basis but the windows may be cleaned weekly while a periodic plan is needed to clean the roof and the gutters.

The overhaul cleaning of a house depends on the type of the house, the availability of cleaning materials, and the specialist involved. Whereas there are a number of people who would prefer cleaning the house on their own, there are benefits enjoyed when a house cleaning specialists services are considered. Specialized cleaning services found at  include:

  1. Window Cleaning

Window washing involves the cleaning of the window frame and the exterior architectural glass used for lighting or decorative purposes. The cleaning can be done manually using water, detergents, and clothes but for an effective cleaning process, there are specialists in using technology to deliver fast and effective services.

Window specialists follow a procedure to clean the windows thoroughly using minimal time possible. The roof cleaning specialists work by first getting rid of loose dirt and then buff the window.  Water and detergents, soft brush and towels are then used to remove all tough stains and dirt. Rinsing the window with clean water and buffing with a clean cloth is the last step.

Whereas window cleaning may be viewed as a simple process, budgeting for a specialist is always a better option especially when the windows are on a high building. With a reasonable service charge, risks of falling off from a building or damaging a window are reduced.

  1. Roof Cleaning

Cleaning of a roof is an important activity if removal of mold, lichen mildew, and moss is considered necessary. Apart from removing dirt and debris from a housetop, roof cleaning gives a roof a longer life. Soot, biomass and dirt deposits on a roof interfere with light absorption qualities of a roof and the amount of heat absorbed.

Roof cleaning specialists at  cleaned with care ltd  do not only use water to spray on rooftops but Soft washing technique is used. High-pressure water sprays, rotary surface cleaners, and some quality approved soaps are what specialists use to leave the roof sparkling. Pressure washer’s tips are changed so that a soft cleaning technique can be achieved. The roof professionals are also familiar with devices that reduce spread of airborne radioactive materials.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

A gutter is that part of the roof that will help in trapping rainwater and direct it to a storage container or a discharge system of a building. A clogged up gutter will not only block the normal flow of rainwater but can also lead to collecting contaminated water.

Roof Cleaning Specialists at know the appropriate method of cleaning any roof type and can suggest a roof improvement method to promote faster cleaning process. A roof that clogs up frequently needs to be checked by a professional to have the problem solved as roofs are not cleaned so often.

Apart from dirty gutters contaminating stored water, dirt may lead to the building up of stagnant water which acts as a good environment for mosquitos to breed.


A well maintained and cleaned window, roof and/or gutter is as good as new and will serve the purpose for a long time. Cleaning is not just the removal of visible dirt but involves much more than the use of water and basic detergents. Roof cleaning specialists and window cleaning professionals at www.cleanedwithcare/ are well informed to give windows, roofs, and gutters a new look that will increase the lifespan of the parts.


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