5 Simple & Easy Tips: How To Design The Perfect Meeting Room


It is where ideas are born, difficult decisions are made and employees who haven’t had their morning coffee try to hide that they’re falling asleep. Of course, we are talking about the meeting room. When it comes to ideal meeting rooms, you want the first two of those statements to be true, but if it is at all possible, to avoid the third. Thankfully for you and your business, we are here to help.

Get the temperature just right

If you’re meeting room is far too hot, then you can forget about high levels of productivity.

If you do open a window, then it is likely you’ll be hit by noise pollution. The answer is simple; install a high-quality celling fan. It will keep attendees cool, while also helping you avoid unwanted noise from outside. If it’s too cold and your meeting room does not hold onto heat well, then don’t worry because we also have the answer for you; heat recovery systems. Heat recovery ventilation will not only keep your meeting room warm; it will also improve overall cost efficiency for the whole building.

Keep it colourful

Dull greys, blacks and browns now act as a reminder of the boardrooms of the 70s.

Avoid this unnecessary trip into the past with bright colours which will help keep your employees from wallowing in the dullness. Meetings are not always the most exciting places to be, so don’t make it any tougher! Studies have been done to show that certain colours encourage productivity. For instance, it’s been proven that light blues help with calmness, which is a quality often needed in a heated meeting!

Plants produce growth

It’s hard to beat an oxygen-filled room, especially when those late-night brain storms are feeling a little too heavy. Plants are a great way to do this without much added cost. They will make your meeting room feel airier and also help employees who feel trapped in the office from thinking that they are in an enclosed space.

Lost in space

I have been in some meeting rooms where attendees almost need walkie-talkies for discussing issues with the people at the other end of the room. Of course, your meeting room should be spacious, but try not to overdo it! Meetings are more productive when everyone feels like they are on the same team, so pick a table that keeps people within communicating distance.

Natural light is your friend

When designing your meeting room, you should always keep in mind how you can maximise natural light. This will not only brighten the room, but also keep down the price of electricity down as the lights won’t need to be turned on as often. Not to mention, it will also improve efficiency, as it has been widely proven that natural light encourages productivity.

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