5 Signs That Indicate You Need Leak Detection Services


Water leaks can wreak havoc in homes and offices if they aren’t detected early enough. However, there are certain steps that ADI leak detection specialists often take to minimize damages and reduce the cost of repairs. In addition, their services can also help to promote the safety of your home as they always offer valuable advice. Look out for the common signs below and invite leak detection specialists in the UK once you notice any.

1. Presence of mold and mildew

A report from Mayo Clinic revealed that constant exposure to molds can adversely affect our overall health in so many ways. Mold and mildew have peculiar smells that are easily noticeable. They usually thrive in places such as the attics, bathrooms, and basements as a result of poor ventilation. More so, wet and damp environments that are caused by a leaky pipe will provide an optimum condition for growth.

2. Incessant sound of dripping water

It may be very difficult to hear the sound of dripping water in a home that is always noisy or bustling with activities. You will need to be very observant and pay close attention, especially during the night. This is because the source of the dripping water can be hidden. Ensure that you turn off all the taps in your home when taking this approach.

3. Wet spots

Frequent temperature changes, damaged pipes, and clogged lines are some of the factors that lead to leaks. Wet spots on the floor are one of the commonest signs of water leaks in different homes. They occur due to a leaking underground pipe indoor or outdoor. Your best bet is to schedule a leak detection inspection if a particular area is never dry. Experts that handle this task have the required expertise and experience. Apart from that, they are licensed and will use the latest tools.

4. Floor and wall discoloration

The floor, wall and ceiling tile damages caused by water leaks tend to follow the same pattern. They can even occur under the sinks. They will continue to spread and lead to more damages within a short period of time. Foundation cracks in the walls should not be ignored as they are mostly caused by slab leaks. Homeowners may have to spend a significant amount of money before these issues can be fixed. The good thing is that the services provided at https://www.adileakdetection.co.uk/ are affordable and long-lasting.

5. Outrageous water bills

Truth be told, factors that include the environment and current season will affect each family’s water bill. Several homeowners go to extra lengths to control water usage in their homes. It’s even common for many people to use the water saving features on their washing machines, showers, and dishwashers. Chances are you need water leak detection in the UK if your water bills continue to skyrocket without any reasonable explanation. Other similar signs are a sudden low water pressure and when your meter keeps ticking whether you are using water or not.

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