3 Services That a Qualified Stonemason Can Offer Regarding Preservation Work In The UK.


In the United Kingdom and Scotland, we have many beautiful examples of great architecture both modern and ancient. However, the old traditional look has always been popular and when we can, we try to match whatever we are building in such a way that it reflects the old ways. Some fine examples are the construction of walls and bridges in local areas to blend in with the current older stone that is there. If you look around you, you will see constructions made from stone, granite, limestone and natural sandstone and many of us want to maintain this authentic look.

In order to get the look that you want, you first need to retain the services of an experienced stonemason in Edinburgh who will pay attention to every minute detail and perform any building work or repairs to the highest standards. Your local gifted stonemason offers many services.

  1. They offer stone conservation where they take steps to protect the building that is already there. Each job is tailored to suit that particular requirement as they pay attention to stone indents, for example.
  2. Lime pointing is an essential service as the lime is water-permeable and so allows moisture to pass through the stone. This way, the pointing stays in place to protect the wall.
  3. Old chimneys require a skilled stonemason to make the necessary repairs but in line with how it was done traditionally.

Be sure to get an experienced stonemason when dealing with traditional, old stone structures to maintain that historical look.

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