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Discover The Science Behind Your Ceiling Fan Design

A high-quality ceiling fan has much more than just a series of paddles and a motor to generate air in the room. A modern ceiling fan requires the expertise of aeronautical engineers and fluid dynamics specialists to improve the design. It is essential to do so because aerodynamics can enhance

How to Design the Perfect Bedroom

Perfect Bedroom

You know what’s super important when it comes to really succeeding at interior design. Having a plan. People call it having a real eye for design, telling you: ‘oh wow, you’ve really got an eye for aesthetics’. No. That’s nonsense. Sure, some people are more artistically inclined, but what it

Advantages Of Lopi Heaters

Its hard to beat the beauty and ambience of a crackling fire on a cold night, hence fireplaces are among the top three most desired features for homeowners. Some people find it hard to decide whether wood or gas be the right fuel source for them when trying to find

Are You Keeping Warm Enough This Winter

To make sure that your central heating system is working at maximum capacity, you sometimes need to power flush the system. Doing so will give new life to your boiler. A power flush is often recommended when limescale and the metal from your pipes combine with air and water to