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How do commercial and residential painters/decorators differ

Is there a difference between commercial painters and residential decorators? Or is it just marketing tricks in order to attract potential clients? Let’s try to ascertain it. What are the specifics of residential decorators’ work? They work in private residences such as houses and apartments. Residential decorators pay more attention to

Get Everything You Need from a Reputable Paint Supplier

If you paint for a living or are working on a personal project, the right supplies will ensure that the project goes smoothly and that the finished product is something that you can feel proud of. Finding a reputable paint supplier ensures that you get everything you need in terms of

How to Avoid Major and Expensive Decorating Mistakes

We learn from our mistakes. However, mistakes involving a lot of money, like decoration and redecoration mistakes shouldn’t have a place in your budget. So, if you are skeptical about decorating your home, and you don’t wish to hire an interior décor specialist, you are in the right place. This article

An Impressive New Remodel

Remodelling your home doesn’t need to be stressful. Working with a professional builder can help your design ideas come to life while working within your set budget. Additionally, they can answer any questions and provide sound advice regarding your remodel plans. Types of Projects Builders are typically hired for the following remodel

Choosing an Interior Design Wholesaler

If you’re a contractor or property developer, you’ve perhaps wondered how to go about choosing an interior design wholesaler. Maybe you’ve seen some advertisements in trade brochures or heard about a certain wholesaler? But how do you know how to choose an interior design wholesaler, or what to look for? Here are

DIY vs Contractor

When it comes to working on your home it can be extremely tempting to do everything yourself. After all, why would you want to fork out on hiring a professional when you can probably do a half decent job yourself? Well, it’s not always best to aim for a half

Skeleton Clocks Are the Next Big Thing in Interior Decor

Bringing a touch of old-fashioned elegance to modern homes, skeletons clocks are making a big comeback. Taking traditional designs and updating them with a little manufacturing ingenuity, the skeleton clock craze is sweeping the country- so don’t get left out of the next big trend! So, what exactly are skeleton clocks?

Why it is right to hire a bathroom remodeling service

It is always better to hire remodeling professional than the choice of remodeling the bathroom by your own. This is widely known truth. What should do when you decide to hire a professional? Here are the suggestions that could help you to get an idea an idea. If you want to